Night Crying Crow

Alternative Name:
  • Kkamagwi Uneun Bam
  • Night Crying Crow
  • The Night the Crow Cries
  • The Night When the Crow Caws
  • The Night When the Crow Cries
  • 까마귀 우는 밤
  • Action
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Josei
  • Romance
  • Add
  • WOO Jihye
  • Add
  • Aquavit
Summary:This woman; who is she?If something was action, it'd be action. If something was romance, it'd be romance. The A-list actor Cheon Woo Kang, who's great at every (genre), had his heart stolen away by an unknown woman who'd broken into his house!“We'll meet again.~"Woo Kang contracted an over imaginative illness as he drew the woman, whose name he didn't even know. In front of Woo Kang, she reappeared as the police officer Park Tae... Could the shadow of the crisis that appeared in front of them be a coincidence?Original WebtoonOfficial English Translation

Licensed in english: No
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