Jia Gei Yi Ge Si Tai Jian

Alternative Name:
  • Jia Gei Yi Ge Si Tai Jian
  • Married To A Deadbeat Eunuch
  • Married To A Stupid Eunuch
  • 嫁给一个死太监
  • Drama
  • Historical
  • Romance
  • Bai Meng She
Summary:Chen Hui has transmigrated into the body of a girl, who committed suicide by bashing her head against a pillar out of reluctance to get married to a eunuch.The eunuch is insidious and cunning, enigmatic in every way. He's cannon fodder, just like the eunuchs depicted in the average TV drama series. In order to ensure her survival, Chen Hui was left with no choice but come up with various schemes to get close to the stupid eunuch, understand him, and gain his favor... Original Manhua

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