Hello, Heir

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  • Hello, Heir
  • 推倒总裁的一千种姿势
  • Drama
  • Josei
  • Romance
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  • Daxingdao Anime
Summary:Zhuang Nainai has returned to the Gu Group. However, her new family demands that she woos and wins the heart of the Dihao Group's CEO, Si Zhengting, with her adoptive mother at stake. Yet, not only was Si Zhengting promised to her in an arranged marriage when they were young, but he was also her first love, five years ago. How will Zhuang Nainai solve Si Zhengting, given their history, while under pressure from her family? Can she see where her heart is leading her?Official English Translation (WeComics)Official English Translation (Webnovel)

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