Deep Stalker - Sono Kawa de Bishoujo ni Naru

Alternative Name:
  • Akai Ito (DATE)
  • An Insect's Sigh
  • Deep Stalker (Official English Title)
  • Deep Stalker - Sono Kawa de Bishoujo ni Naru
  • Deep Stalker: Hirogaru Shinshoku
  • Deep Stalker: Sono Nakami...
  • Deep Stalker: The Innards...
  • Deep Stalker―ソノ皮デ美少女ニナル―
  • Gitai (DATE)
  • In the Forest
  • Junai Doll
  • Konna no, Atashi ja Nai!
  • Mimicry
  • Mori no Naka
  • Mushi no Toiki
  • Pure Love Doll
  • Subete wa Boku no Mono...
  • That's Not Really Me!
  • W lesie
  • 森の中
  • Action
  • Adult
  • Fantasy
  • Gender Bender
  • Hentai
  • DATE
  • Tanabe Yellow
  • DATE
  • Tanabe Yellow
Summary:"Takuya wishes for revenge on his beautiful classmate, Yuuna, for betraying him. His wish is granted by a demon who bestows upon him the ability to turn into different girls. But to use this power, Takuya must skin the girls he wishes to turn into. Will Takuya have his revenge or is the demon using him for this own purpose? Deep Stalker is an anthology of dark fantasies, pretty girls find themselves objects of fantasy, desire, and revenge. One man is seduced by his best friend when a journey into the wood turns him into a woman, a brother swaps souls with his sister when he becomes fed up with her merciless teasing, a boy finds himself seduced by a friend whose body is infested by a mysterious creature, in another story, bugs take control of a girl and makes her enjoy being raped in front of her boyfriend, and a school council president is turned into a sex slave through hypnotism. Each story features pretty girls at the mercy of the young men who seek to unravel them.*WARNING* Not for the faint of the heart! Involves death, very graphic and violent situations, and will make you cry!" (Project H)1. Deep Stalker Part 12. Deep Stalker: Sono Nakami... (Deep Stalker: The Innards...)3. Deep Stalker Part 24. Mori no Naka (In the Forest)5. Konna no, Atashi ja Nai! (That's Not Really Me!)6. Subete wa Boku no Mono...7. Akai Ito8. Gitai (Mimicry)9. Mushi no Toiki (An Insect's Sigh)10. Junai Doll (Pure Love Doll)11. Deep Stalker: Hirogaru Shinshoku

Licensed in english:
This serie has been licensed !!
  • Project-H
This Manga contain themes or scenes that may not be suitable for very young readers.