Datsuryoku Kei Maou-sama no Yuuga na Hibi

Alternative Name:
  • Datsuryoku Kei Maou-sama no Yuuga na Hibi
  • Datsuryokukei Maousama no Yuuga na Hibi
  • Datsuryouku Kei Maou-sama no Yuuga na Hibi
  • Graceful Days of the Lazy Demon King
  • 脱力系魔王さまの優雅な日々
  • 脱力系魔王大人的优雅日常
  • Supernatural
  • Yaoi
  • NARAZAKI Neneko
  • NARAZAKI Neneko
Summary:From Good Girls Scan BL:The current demon king holds immense demonic powers but finds everything to be extremely bothersome. He's fed up with Rudy, his personal attendant who is always scolding him. Rudy asks him to act more “king-like.” Instead, he enjoys his lazy days, calling all things bothersome.One day, because of his lack of ambition and desire, he was questioned if he even felt lust. As expected of the king who finds everything bothersome, he appointed Rudy as his nightly partner in order to silence him. To his surprise, Rudy agrees and suddenly pushes down the demon king...?!

Licensed in english: No