Danshaku no Aijin

Alternative Name:
  • Baron's Lover
  • Danshaku no Aijin
  • 男爵の愛人
  • 男爵的爱人
  • Historical
  • Romance
  • Yaoi
  • HINASE Mizuki
Summary:[From Fujoshi Bitches]“The day has finally come when I will mount the son of the Houjou household.”Some time ago, the son of a long line of earls, Houjou Reiichirou, was forcibly pushed down by his arrogant classmate, Himuro Kanae. Six years later, the two meet again and Himuro uses his power to make Houjou accompany him on a cruise as an employee, in place of his little sister. Houjou thought he was prepared, but when Himuro declared, “Remove your clothes, and I'll make you feel good.” he was instantly brought back to that one time pleasure he thought he had long forgotten. On a luxury cruise bound for London, the Taisho era romance of the man with great integrity and the man who just thinks he's great unfolds.

Licensed in english: No