Damatte Naite Irunodesu

Alternative Name:
  • Damatte Naite Irunodesu
  • We are Crying in the Mind
  • だまって泣いているのです
  • Comedy
  • Romance
  • School Life
  • Smut
  • Yaoi
  • UCHIDA Kaoru
  • UCHIDA Kaoru
Summary:Collection of short stories:1) Crying SilentlyWhen Shino hears some ecchi sounds in the school storage area he never expects to find Koji sensei pleasuring himself. Koji, caught in the act begs Shino to keep it a secret, but what exactly is Shino to think of all this? And when Shino starts to fall in love what is he to do?2) The Knuckleball of LoveFuwa is an ex-professional baseball player, so when he is one day approached by a high school baseball coach and begged to train the students Fuwa reluctantly agrees. Can the team be saved and what why is the coach so touchy-feely?3) Be It Today, Tomorrow or the Day AfterAosaki is a cram-school student but has no ambition. His daily routine leads him to a small store for dinner each night - but one night Renji (the owner) is accused of 'touching' his part timer (high school student, male). Aosaki saves Renji but as a result the part-timer quits. Aosaki, in a flash decision, decides to take over the part time job - but who knew teaching Renji could prove so much fun?4) PleaseSen is in love with Kuruma a cafe owner and retired stunt man. By what means will he get his love across?5) Sonjo Sokora no OtokoParent meets teacher, is it love at first sight?6) My Wife's Got a BeardThe return of the second couple from Hey! Doctor. Gorou and Chiaki are lovers and so far have kept it secret from their families. But when Chiaki's parents walks in on them kissing Chiaki thinks its all over. However, upon finding out Gorou is the managing director of a wealthy company they give him Chiaki as his bride!

Licensed in english: No