Dai-2 Dai-4 Kayoubi no Koi

Alternative Name:
  • Dai 2 Dai 4 Kayoubi no Koi
  • Dai Ni Dai Yon Kayoubi no Koi
  • Dai-2 Dai-4 Kayoubi no Koi
  • Dai-ni Dai-yon Kayoubi no Koi
  • Daini Daiyon Kayōbi no Koi
  • Daini Daiyon Kayoubi no Koi
  • Love of the Second & Fourth Tuesday
  • Love of the Second and Fourth Tuesday
  • 第二第四火曜日の恋
  • 第二第四火曜日の愛
  • Romance
  • Seinen
  • Slice of Life
  • TAKASE Waka
  • TAKASE Waka
Summary:"That person only comes the second and fourth Tuesdays."Ritsu, who works at a coffee shop, is in love with a customer. A strong appearance that does not match his personality. Age and occupation unknown, but still a person she's interested in. "I want to know more about that person." A love story that begins with "I don't know anything" that you cannot find with a dating app. A beautiful waitress and a mysterious man. A pure love story between adults begins.Published in Bi-weekly Magazine, Evening for "Ore no Reiwa Project" - Now serialized on Evening Magazine.

Licensed in english: No