Chiaraijima Kanako wa naze ○○ suru no ka?

Alternative Name:
  • Chiaraijima Kanako ha Naze ○○ surunoka?
  • Chiaraijima Kanako wa naze ○○ suru no ka?
  • 血洗岛伽那子为什么要〇〇呢?
  • 血洗島カナコはなぜ○○するのか?
  • Comedy
  • Ecchi
  • Seinen
  • Slice of Life
  • Yurikawa
  • Yurikawa
Summary:Tsuchiya Narumi, a boy who left his parents when he entered high school, decided to stay at the house of his distant relative's older sister, Kanako Chiaraijima.Kanako works hard as a successful career woman, but the face she shows at home seems to be a little different...?!I'm the only one who knows her true face?Beauty x Carelessness = The Best!A comedy limited to the living room!!

Licensed in english: No