Chase the Dragon

Alternative Name:
  • Ahuyentando al dragón
  • Chase the Dragon
  • I Ran Away After The God Asked For Marriage
  • 逐龙
  • 체이스 더 드래곤
  • Drama
  • Fantasy
  • Romance
  • Yaoi
  • Add
  • Wagon
  • Fyoryu
Summary:The half wolf Daniel Winter, runs away from his lover A high ranking Dragon, a day after his proposal, However, after an year Ian finds him. "How did you find me? ... Are you angry?" "What if I am angry? Are you serious?" ? " But now that I've found you, everything will change. running away, chasing, kidnapping, passion.Based on Novel with the same nameOfficial Novel: RidibooksOfficial Webtoon: RidibooksOfficial Translation: Japanese

Licensed in english: No