Charm Angel

Alternative Name:
  • Charm Angel
  • Thiên Thần Tập Sự
  • チャーム+エンジェル
  • チャームエンジェル
  • 魅力天使
  • 참 엔젤
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Fantasy
  • Romance
  • Shoujo
  • MORI Chikako
  • MORI Chikako
Summary:From Nagareboshi Manga:Amy's parents divorced when she was very young, and they now live away from her. The thing she wants most is to have her parents back together, and happy, like they used to be. Lucky for her, Amy might just get her wish, in the form of two angels crashing through her bedroom window. The angels, Ricole and Ramiel, tell Amy that she has been chosen to compete against other angels for the title of "Star Angel". Whoever becomes the Star Angel gets a wish granted!

Licensed in english: No
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