CEO's Top Secret

Alternative Name:
  • CEO Subscribed
  • CEO's Top Secret
  • Daepyonimi Gudokasyeotseumnida
  • 대표님이 구독하셨습니다
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Josei
  • Romance
  • Webtoons
  • Shin Jiwon
  • Han Hyerin
Summary:An author named Ha Yunseo with her pseudonym Red Cherry. She has a passion for writing and immediately decided to work at a book publishing company called Miracle Story. Not without reason though, the decision was made because Yunseo is interested in the CEO named Baek Seunghyeok. Seunghyeok's appearance shows a cold figure but, apparently, the personality of a handsome guy is different when he reads the work of Red Cherry. Seunghyeok doesn't know that Yunseo, his new employee, is Red Cherry, the writer who is very idolized. 

Licensed in english: No
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