Bucchouzura ni Koi wo Shite

Alternative Name:
  • Bucchouzura ni Koi wo Shite
  • Love is made with a Sullen Look
  • 仏頂面に恋をして
  • Drama
  • Fantasy
  • Shotacon
  • Yaoi
  • SAKURA Ashika
  • SAKURA Ashika
Summary:A collection of oneshots.1) To Love A Straight Face Guy Fuyuki is dating his personal tutor, Takashi, but Fuyuki is so frustrated with Takashi lack of emotional response.2) You Are My Destined PersonA boy runs away from the orphanage and is picked up by a charismatic rich man.3) That Summer StoryThe memory of his first love.4) Fiery KissA student teacher falls in love at first sight with his adorable pupil.5) The Children in the Broken Shack6) An Eternity Under the Starry SkyCaught by their parents and forced to part, they run away together...7) The Night of the Full Moon8) The Way of the Moon and Your Voice9) Such Happy Times10) Shiba's Tale

Licensed in english: No