Boku to Uchuujin

Alternative Name:
  • Boku to Uchu-jin
  • Boku to Uchuujin
  • Days with Alien
  • Me and an Alien
  • My Alien Days
  • My Alien Days (Webcomic)
  • My Alien Days Webcomic
  • 僕と宇宙人
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Romance
  • School Life
  • Seinen
  • Slice of Life
Summary:Manabu is a 3rd year middle schooler & former student council president. Suddenly he's in charge of a new student Rui but she is no ordinary girl - she's an alien! Manabu loses the chance to be with his crush Mizuho who now has a thing for Rui & gets nose bleeds from her cuteness. The teacher is of no help, her focus & nosebleeds are on Rui's hot cousin who is also an alien! The new 2nd year student council body also plays a role in the story. The student president Hikaru is short & hot tempered, he is dating the vice president Nozomi who is tall & gorgeous. The treasurer Kazuma is a good looking guy with a great voice, yet he wears a mask and is madly in love with the cute guy secretary named Touru (who is unsure of Kazuma and his feelings)!Description by LuffyNoTomoOriginal Webcomic

Licensed in english: No
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