Augs' Law

Alternative Name:
  • A Lei De Ogus
  • Augs' Law
  • Augus' Law
  • Ley De Ogus
  • Ogus's Law
  • 奥格斯的法则
  • Action
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Fantasy
  • Romance
  • School Life
  • Shounen Ai
  • Supernatural
  • Shi Yi Ball
  • Shi Yi Ball
Summary:Su Yuan, a poor student, in order to not place any additional burdens on his family, accidentally got himself enrolled into a college named, Ogus University. But soon he discovered that this institution was actually established for the protection of monsters (demons); and the physically weaker humans, in order to protect their lives, had to form partnerships—called PAL—with those monsters. Furthermore, as a result of his unique scent, many are drawn towards him in hopes of becoming his PAL; and at same time, he is also subjected to various attacks. That was, at least, until the day he rescued a fox covered in blood from head to toe, only to then discover…

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