As You Wish, Prince

Alternative Name:
  • Ambisi Sang Pangeran
  • As You Wish, Prince
  • Hwangja, Ne Mueosi Doego Sipeunya?
  • Majesty, What Do You Want To Be?
  • 皇子よ そなたの願いを叶えよう
  • 皇子,你想干啥?
  • 황자, 네 무엇이 되고 싶으냐?
  • Comedy
  • Fantasy
  • Romance
  • Shoujo
  • Supernatural
  • Webtoons
  • Mokgamgi
  • Ant Studio
Summary:"If you wrote me, then you can give me the throne!" Yoonsoo is the successful author of a popular fantasy series. Just as she's about to start work on a new series, Imperial Prince Einzen Kyte, the worst villain she created has kidnapped her into the world of her own story?! Based on the hit novel.Original WebcomicOfficial English TranslationOfficial Japanese TranslationOfficial Chinese TranslationOfficial Indonesian Translation

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  • Tappytoon
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