Asmodeus wa Akiramenai

Alternative Name:
  • Asmodeus n'abandonnera pas
  • Asmodeus wa Akiramenai
  • Asmodeus will not give up
  • Асмодей не сдастся
  • アスモデウスはあきらめない
  • 阿斯莫德是不会放弃的!
  • 阿斯莫德是不会放弃的!
  • 阿斯莫德是不會放棄的!
  • 阿斯莫德是不會放棄的!
  • 아스모데우스는 포기하지 않아
  • Comedy
  • Ecchi
  • Harem
  • Mature
  • Romance
  • School Life
  • Seinen
  • Supernatural
  • Yuto
  • Yuto
Summary:The manga centers on a second-year high school student who is standing in for his Catholic priest father to protect their church while his father is away. He saves a troubled beautiful young girl who is in front of his church one day, but she turns out to be the demon Asmodeus.

Licensed in english: No
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