Aoyama Tsukiko desu!

Alternative Name:
  • Aoyama Tsukiko desu!
  • Ben Aoyama Tsukiko!
  • Я Аояма Цукико!
  • 青山月子です!
  • 青木月子是也
  • 아오야마 츠키코입니다!
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Romance
  • School Life
  • Shoujo
  • YUKI Nojin
  • YUKI Nojin
Summary:Aoyoma Tsukiko has always been misunderstood due to her expressionless face. Having to repeat first year of high school again due to her usual bad luck, she strives to have a happy and cheerful high school life. Then meets her classmate who is a deliberate loner. However, due to her nature, she aims to befriend him, much to his annoyance. Can a friendship grow between a poker face, cheerful girl and the loner? Can she break through his walls?

Licensed in english: No
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