Ani no Chuukoku

Alternative Name:
  • Admonition from an Elder Brother
  • Ani no Chuukoku
  • Brother's Warning
  • Brotherly Advice
  • Предостережение старшего брата
  • 兄の忠告
  • 哥哥的忠告
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Mature
  • Shounen Ai
  • Slice of Life
  • Yaoi
  • ASADA Nemui
  • ASADA Nemui
Summary:A collection of stories 1. Ani no Chuukoku (Admonition from an Elder Brother) 10 years has passed since his one and only brother has gone missing. Tsuzuki's lived a carefree life with his bad friends. However, one day his brother, Hajime appears in front of him and...?! 2. The Swerve Two middle aged unemployed man meet for the first time and come up with a plan for a business. Do they understand each other well enough to make it work? 3. Kemushi (Hairy Caterpillar) Dai gets cursed by evil witch to never have true love and starts to see his lover as chairy catepillar. Can he win against the course? 4. Life in the Park Social Welfare Department worker is send to chase away homeless people loitering in a park. He gets attacked by a man defending the homeless. 5. Nami no Oto ga Kikoeru (The Sound of the Waves) A popular gore writer can't write well when he is in love. Only when faced with rejection can he pour his emotion into best selling works. What should his editor do when he seems to find a new love interest but the deadlines are pressing? 6. Ani no Kokuhaku (An Elder Brother's Confession) Continuation of the first story.

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