Amatsu Kitsune to Fuuin no Uta

Alternative Name:
  • Amatsu Kitsune to Fuinnouta
  • Amatsu Kitsune to Fuuin no Uta
  • Thiên Hồ và Bài Thơ Phong Ấn
  • Thiên Hồ và Phong Ấn Thuật
  • 天つ狐と封印詩
  • Adventure
  • Fantasy
  • Shoujo
  • Shounen
  • Supernatural
  • NEKO Himako
  • NEKO Himako
Summary:Seiichi Takamagahara is a high school freshman living alone. One day, he finds a picture book among his grandmother's possessions. The monsters depicted there were not just pictures, but the monsters whose ancestors had sealed long ago. After a long time, the power of the seal weakens, and youkai are released to the world. The reincarnation Seiichi decides to seal the scattered monsters again with the fox god and silver. Mofumofu Youseki Kitan, woven by the gods.

Licensed in english: No