Amateur Demigod

Alternative Name:
  • Amateur Demigod
  • Non-Professional Fairy
  • 非职业半仙
  • Action
  • Fantasy
  • Supernatural
  • Add
  • Ptsd创应碍
Summary:Suddenly, Xie Lingya became the property owner of a small Taoist temple. The Taoist temple is adjacent to the commercial street on the left, the square on the right, and a vegetable market behind it. Unfortunately, the incense is deserted and the poor is clinking. Our goal is to open the largest Taoist temple and burn the thickest incense! ...Xie Lingya: I have no license to catch ghosts, tell fortunes, draw symbols, and watch Feng Shui... But I know I am a half immortal!

Licensed in english: No
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