Alice in Mirrorland

Alternative Name:
  • Alice in Mirrorland
  • Alice in Spiegelland
  • De l'autre côté miroir
  • Kagami no Kuni no Alice
  • Kagami no Kuni no Arisu
  • 鏡の国のアリス
  • Fantasy
  • Mature
  • Seinen
  • Nicolas Nemiri
  • Nicolas Nemiri
Summary:From Illuminati-Manga:Alice waits with her mom in an elevator. All the men look at her mom's breasts. Alice doesn't see the reason in it. Although, for some reason, it doesn't seem right.While pondering the reason why, she realizes she's in another world just like that famous protagonist in that one story.There, strangely enough, she too has the guys' eyes glued to her, for she was an adult woman just like her mother.This is a French publication.

Licensed in english: No