Akuma ni Dakareru

Alternative Name:
  • Akuma ni Dakareru
  • Akuma ni Dakareru - Devil's clasp
  • Devil's Clasp
  • 悪魔に抱かれる
  • 惡魔的擁抱
  • Adult
  • Drama
  • Romance
  • Yaoi
  • MATSUO Maasu
  • MATSUO Maasu
Summary:The first 2 oneshots have some bondage. 1) Devil's ClaspA boy tries to earn a respite from the loan sharks.Junya and his sister have had to borrow a large amount of money to take care of their mother who is in the hospital from an "underground bank". It's come time to pay them back when Junya finds out they want his sister to become a prostitute to earn money to pay them back. Junya is very worried and tells his sister that he will speak the them tomorrow and will find a job so she won't need to worry. When Junya speaks to the bank the head guy is fine with Junya working off the debt, but not the way Junya is thinking.2) The Other Side of HeavenA school nurse and his student are discovered together by another teacher3) Shivering WarmthA pottery master tries to achieve his master-piece with the help of his apprentice.4 & 5) Crazy About You & More Crazy About YouStepbrothers (not blood related) get involved with each other.

Licensed in english: No
This Manga contain themes or scenes that may not be suitable for very young readers.