Akaku Somaru Kiss o Shite

Alternative Name:
  • Akaku Somaru Kiss o Shite
  • Akaku Somaru Kiss wo Shite
  • Sweet Bitter Bloody Kiss
  • 赤く染まるキスをして
  • Romance
  • School Life
  • Shoujo
  • Supernatural
  • HATTORI Miki
  • HATTORI Miki
Summary:Maintaining that Yui's blood is “special,” bishie Seiya monopolizes his childhood friend slash prey, incurring the intrigue of other vampires in school and “I want to taste your blood, too!” trouble for Yui. Yui believes that Seiya, trailed by the inevitable fangirls, will never fall for her, but “I can't stop my heart from racing when he kisses me.”Contains the following oneshots:Akaku Somaru Kiss wo ShiteYui's blood is special to vampires. Seiya, a vampire and her childhood friend, feeds on Yui exclusively because of her special blood. With the threat of another vampire, Yui is saved repeatedly by Seiya, but why would he go at such lengths? Is he just after her special blood or is it something else?Koukou devil shitemasumou matenaitte iwaretemo!?kodomo atsukai shinaideyo!!senpai wa kyo mo furareteruDakara, kawaiitte iuna!

Licensed in english: No