Aitsu (NARITA Minako)

Alternative Name:
  • Aitsu (NARITA Minako)
  • Natural (NARITA Minako)
  • あいつ (成田美名子)
  • 邻家少女
  • Romance
  • School Life
  • Shoujo
  • Sports
  • NARITA Minako
  • NARITA Minako
Summary:Riko (whose real name is Ayako) was already in high school when she gained a new younger brother. Miguel is a nine-year-old Peruvian boy rescued by her father in the midst of turmoil before he came home to his loving family in Japan. Miguel had a good grasp of Japanese but he didn't seem to be warming up at first. He was overly polite and he barely smiled. But Riko was determined to make sure that he felt that he was now a part of her family, introducing him to the world outside and to the game of basketball…

Licensed in english: No
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