A Fairytale for the Demon Lord

Alternative Name:
  • A Fairytale for the Demon Lord
  • A Fairytale for the Demon Lord - Der Erlkönig und Der Ritter
  • A Fairytale for the Demon Lord Side Story
  • A Tale for Satan
  • Bajka dla króla demonów
  • Dongeng untuk Raja Iblis
  • İblis Lordu için bir Peri Masalı
  • Pasaka Demonų Karaliui
  • Picture Book for the Demon Lord
  • The Demon Lord and the Knight
  • Un Cuento de Hadas para El Señor de Los Demonios
  • Сказка для Дьявола
  • 마왕을 위한 동화
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Fantasy
  • Romance
  • Sci-fi
  • Seinen
  • Tragedy
  • KIM Yong-Hwan
  • KIM Yong-Hwan
Summary:From Easy Going Scans:A Demon Lord spirited the Princess away, and cursed her with eternal sleep. Countless knights sought to save her, only to die in vain by the Demon Lord's hands. But then, a Nameless Knight arrived to vanquish him and save the Princess, ignorant of what fate had in store for him...Original Webtoon

Licensed in english: No