Ad Astra - Scipio to Hannibal

Alternative Name:
  • Ad Astra
  • Ad Astra - Scipio and Hannibal
  • Ad Astra - Scipio to Hannibal
  • Ad Astra - Scipion l'Africain & Hannibal Barca
  • К звёздам
  • إلى النجوم، سكيبيو و حنبعل
  • アド・アストラ ─スキピオとハンニバル─
  • アド・アストラ スキピオとハンニバル
  • 军神荣耀─西庇阿与汉尼拔─
  • 軍神榮耀─西庇阿與漢尼拔─
  • 아드 아스트라 : 스키피오와 한니발
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Drama
  • Historical
  • Mature
  • Psychological
  • Seinen
  • KAGANO Mihachi
  • KAGANO Mihachi
Summary:From MangaHelpers:This is the story of two of the greatest military commanders in history: the Roman Publius Cornelius Scipio and the Carthaginian Hannibal. The story follows the two of them from their early life on. Hannibal is initially shown as a strangely silent infant, who seemed like the gods forgot to put a soul in his little body. However, he soon begins to speak in a way that shows his remarkable abilities. Hannibal and Scipio are driven enemies, and their struggle shaped an era.

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