31-sai, Hatsukare.

Alternative Name:
  • 31-sai, Hatsukare.
  • 31歳、初カレ。
  • Age 31: First Boyfriend
  • Josei
  • Romance
  • NAKAMA Atsuki
  • NAKAMA Atsuki
Summary:I'm Shiina Fuuka, a 31-year-old virgin. I need to get married, in a hurry.... I mean, my mom is really looking forward to the day I get married.I know she is, but... I have trouble dealing with anything new, I'm not exactly beautiful, and I'm just a totally average office worker.I'm in such a rush to get married that I met up with a guy I met on a marriage matchmaking site who ended up not being who he said he was, and he stole my first kiss... (T_T)That was the absolute worst day of my life, but… later that evening I randomly met this hot bartender and spent the night at his place, losing my virginity!? I think... I don't really remember.But hey... isn't this one way to meet a guy? I can't just sit around waiting for the rest of my life, I'm well aware of that! This average girl's gonna dive right into the vast oceans of love for the first time at the age of 31!!

Licensed in english:
This serie has been licensed !!
  • Amu Comi