2ban-me no Alpha

Alternative Name:
  • 2ban-me no Alpha
  • 2ban-me no α
  • 2番目のα
  • Niibanme no Alpha
  • Niibanme no α
  • The Second Alpha
  • Drama
  • Smut
  • Yaoi
  • YOFUNE Shibue
  • YOFUNE Shibue
Summary:My fated pair is 'married'. As Morita was going to his new workplace, he met Matsumoto, a senior employee who picked him up. The moment they locked eyes, he was convinced that Matsumoto was his fated pair, but he had a ring on his ring finger. However, that night, as Matsumoto went into heat, Morita got tempted by his smell and embraced Matsumoto. The men who get toyed around by fate, experience a sweet, painful love.

Licensed in english: No