20 Seiki Shounen no Wakiyaku

Alternative Name:
  • 20 Seiki Shounen no Wakiyaku
  • 20 Seiki Shounen no Wakiyaku - Ujiko Ujio Sakuhinshuu
  • 20 Seiki Shounen: Ujiko Ujio Sakuhinshuu
  • 20世紀少年の脇役 ウジコウジオ作品集
  • 20세기 소년의 조연 우지코우지오 작품집
  • Mangari Michi
  • Мангари Мичи
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Mystery
  • Seinen
  • Slice of Life
  • Ujiko Ujio
  • Urasawa Naoki
Summary:Two manga artists are trying their best to have their work accepted by someone who appears to be their superior. However, their latest work has been denied! Their superior requests that they write a manga about a drama where a man protects the peace of the world. The two get together and begin to write a manga about a boy who promises a girl protection!The leads in this story are the duo mangaka mentioned in the 20th Century Boys manga, who together go by the name of Ujiko Ujio, a pun on the duo who went by Fujiko Fujio (FUJIKO Fujio (A) and FUJIKO F. Fujio), the creators of Doraemon.

Licensed in english: No