1LDK Shitsuji

Alternative Name:
  • 1 LDK・집사
  • 1LDK Butler
  • 1LDK Shitsuji
  • 1LDK♥Butler
  • 1LDK♥Shitsuji
  • 1LDK♥執事
  • 1LDK・Butler
  • 1LDK・執事
  • 1LDK執事
  • 1ЛДК Дворецкий
  • My Secret Butler
  • คุณพ่อบ้านที่รัก
  • Romance
  • Shoujo
  • MORITA Fuji
  • MORITA Fuji
Summary:From Shinnen:Ryouko, a university student, currently lives in apartment 1LDK. She should be living her days normally, however one day, a series of events unfold, and now she has to live with a super-hot butler?! Plus, being served 24/7, she can't stop her from heart racing...?!Included works:1LDK Shitsuji Ochiru JunjouAyane hates guys, especially like Andou-san, whom is a huge, cold-hearted player? But one day, he is suddenly living with her temporarily. Even though she shouldn't, she may be opening up to him...?Liar HeartMaeda (last name) has been in love with Tomita Eiji for two years. As he is the ace of basketball team, he isn't interested in dating, so out of the blue Maeda had aski him to be her pretend boyfriend. What can Maeda do when she hopelessly in love with him, and yet they're fake lovers?More 1LDK Shitsuji (script)

Licensed in english: No
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