1945 (Novel)

Alternative Name:
  • 1945 (Novel)
  • Ao no Katami
  • Kinsei Hell Book
  • Kỷ Niệm Xanh
  • Plumeria no Koro.
  • Saiun no Shiro
  • Soukyuu no Lorelei
  • Tenkyuugi no Umi
  • Yuubin Hikouki Yori Ai o Komete
  • プルメリアのころ。
  • 天球儀の海
  • 彩雲の城
  • 碧のかたみ
  • 蒼穹のローレライ
  • 謹製ヘルブック
  • 郵便飛行機より愛を込めて
  • Drama
  • Historical
  • Romance
  • Yaoi
  • Ogami Yoichi
  • MAKI (牧)
Summary:V1) Tenkyuugi no UmiYuki has decided to become a suicide attack pilot. He is to be adopted into the town's distinguished Narishige family and take the place of the oldest son and heir, the young master, Motonori…Yuki was saved by Motonori when he was a child. If Motonori hadn't shown up at the time, Yuki's life probably would have ended at five years old. What happiness is there for him other than to die for the sake of the person who saved his life, as well as for his country? Yuki reunites with the young master after thirteen years, who has become a naval first lieutenant.However, contrary to Yuki's trying feelings, this brings about a cold response from Motonori…In the nineteenth year of the Showa era (1944) is a love tale which involves placing one's life on the line.V2) Ao no KatamiIt was the year Showa 18 (1943). Rokurou was appointed to the Pacific fortress of the Rabaul Flying Corps, at a time when they were boasting the peak of their prosperity. It was there that he met Kotohira Wataru, who flew the aircraft fighter plane, and was constantly fighting with other people. He may have been a problem child, but he was an exceptional pilot, and together they formed the pair that flew the “Night Fighter Gekkou”.While together, Rokurou became captivated by Wataru's sincerity and deep conviction to protect his family. As the days of facing life and death together as one continued, they both genuinely regarded each other as an important, and dear pair. However, the footsteps of a losing war in Rabaul were soon approaching……This is the story of Tenkyuugi no Umi's Yuki's older brother, Wataru, as he and Rokurou live every day of their youth as they put their lives on the line.Volumes:V1) Tenkyuugi no Umi (天球儀の海)V2) Ao no Katami (碧のかたみ)V3) Saiun no Shiro (彩雲の城)V4) Soukyuu no Lorelei (蒼穹のローレライ)V5) Plumeria no Koro. (プルメリアのころ。)V6) Yuubin Hikouki Yori Ai o Komete (郵便飛行機より愛を込めて)V7) Kinsei Hell Book (謹製ヘルブック)

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