16-sai, Shinkon Hajimemashita.

Alternative Name:
  • 16-sai, Shinkon Hajimemashita.
  • 16歳、新婚はじめました。
  • 16세, 신혼 시작했습니다.
  • Class no Ikemen ga Watashi no Shinkyaku ni Yumechu na Ken
  • I Will Marry You
  • Zusammen mit dir (German)
  • ¡A los dieciséis! (Spanish)
  • Наш медовый месяц в 16 лет
  • Comedy
  • Romance
  • School Life
  • Shoujo
  • Kayoru
  • Kayoru
Summary:Collection of stories:1-2. 16-sai, Shinkon Hajimemashita Getting married at16th birthday? Swayed by the husband's unreasoning love?When she was six, Sou-chan promised Wakaba that he would marry her when she turns 16. Ten years later, does Sou-chan still remember the promise he made? Can Wakaba be honest with her own feelings?What will happen when Sou-chan's father's company goes bankrupt?3. Akuma no Yuuwaku ni, Amaku TorokeruMatsutani Mika wants to protect the pastry shop her father left her but lately no customer visits her shop. Can Katsuya help her?4. Idol-sama wa Watashi ni Muchuu?!An aspiring idol group 'Infinity three' and its manager are working hard to reach the top position when a scandal happens. Will the team break up?5. (Sokuhou) Class no Ikemen ga Watashi no Kamikyoku ni Muchuu na KenIchika lhas a passion for making Vocalo songs, but is just too shy to ask people to listen to them. One day she goes to her classroom to find the popular Iori-kun crying to her music?

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