152-senchi 62-kiro no Koibito

Alternative Name:
  • 152 cm 62 kg no Koibito
  • 152-centi 62-kilo no Koibito
  • 152-senchi 62-kiro no Koibito
  • 152cm 62kg no Koibito
  • 152センチ62キロの恋人
  • Josei
  • Romance
  • Smut
  • Remi
Summary:Mina Morishita is a 23-year-old office lady with a chubby body. From an early age, she was teased by his surroundings because of her body shape, and she has never been treated as a “woman” by men. It was Itsuto Tachibana, who was the most popular in the company, who treated Mina as a “girl” for the first time. Mina had given up while having a faint feeling for him … One day, I happened to be in bed with Tachibana! Moreover, since then, Tachibana has been fond of Mina !? A fondness obsession love by an elite & a little metamorphosis who visited a chubby girl !!

Licensed in english: No